Skin is the largest organ, but it’s obviously not the only organ. So where can dermatologists who truly want to treat the whole patient—not just the patient’s outermost layer—go for in-depth knowledge on multisystem diseases and learn to help patients with more complex and complicated problems? In 2024, the answer is Puerto Rico. Masterclasses in Dermatology’s February 2024 conference (click here for early registration) is being held on the beautiful tropical island, where top physicians from a range of specialties will congregate to share vital medical insights and lead robust and meaningful conversations with an intimate group of committed professionals—like you.

This is not a rehash of medical school basics.

The February 2024 meeting—like all Masterclasses in Dermatology meetings—stands out as a unique opportunity for dermatologists and other skin-focused medical professionals to get an interdisciplinary education while surrounded by forward-thinking and like-minded peers in an inspiring locale.

Why should you attend? Here are three reasons:

1. The Interdisciplinary Focus

As far as we know, Masterclasses in Dermatology is the only existing meeting that features a diverse group of multidisciplinary professionals teaching dermatologists about their specialties. Topics scheduled for the 2024 meeting include prurigo nodularis, cytokines, inflammatory bowel disorder, melanocytes, keloids, urticaria, atopic dermatitis, hidradenitis suppurativa, lupus, dermatomyositis, complications in dermatological surgery, exosomal therapy, alternative medicine, psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, oncology therapy, alopecia, pediatrics, pharmaceuticals and pregnancy, phototherapy, vulvar dermatoses, neutrophilic dermatoses, ultrasound imaging, alopecia areata, food allergies, vitiligo, plastic surgery, weight loss, hormone replacement therapy, and more.

2. The Unparalleled Access

A typical conference packs huge numbers of attendees into sessions that offer little to no engagement, then forces them to choose between parallel blocks of programming so that they miss out on subjects of particular interest and importance. Unhappy with this setup, the dermatologists behind Masterclasses in Dermatology create events to ensure attendees get the benefit of every minute of meeting time. All sessions are plenary, so there is no need to worry about picking and choosing to create your own schedule. Further, the more focused body of attendees means greater access to field-leading experts in other disciplines, as well as peers in dermatology. Discussions on everything from cutting-edge innovations to especially challenging cases unfold before, during, and after sessions when speakers and attendees alike share with each other at an unhurried pace.

3. The Amazing Venue

Masterclasses in Dermatology is all about the life-changing science at the core of every meeting. That said, there’s no reason that science can’t be discussed amid the serenity and beauty of a natural paradise. Since Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory, there are no entry requirements (such as passports) required for U.S. citizens, and transportation is easily arranged from all major hubs. The February weather forecast includes highs of 86, meaning temperatures will be ideal for exploring the rainforest and bioluminescent bay near the Hyatt Regency Grand Reserve when you’re not attending panels and discussions. Get recharged by the splendor of nature! When you’re refreshed, you can bring a renewed vigor back to your practice and your patients.

Early bird registration ends Dec. 31, 2023, after which the ticket price will increase. Register three or more people from your office and get 20 percent off each registration. For more information, contact us online.